Tools to know what a third party site is ranking for on Google across many countries

Individuals and companies are constantly searching out businesses on Google. Many, especially those on mobile devices are searching with local and immediate intent. Not factoring Search Marketing into your Marketing plan in a world where the first contact most of your Target Audience (more than 85%) would establish with your brand is through the internet and with the instrumentality of your web presence; is by a long mile not a smart thing to do.

Every keyword is highly contested and against the backdrop of the sheer girth of the Internet, one has got to stay on top of trends, usage patterns, frequency and the geography of search queries to competition’s website/s and to do this, one needs excellent tools. Here are my top picks.

SEMRush: The tool tracks your positions for any keywords, helps you discover local competitors, group keyword with tags and target different devices. This tool reveals real actionable data behind the keywords your competitors are using, how they rank and the channels where their advertising materials are published. This tool through its database helps you maintain this data over time. You can sign up for a month, get the data you want and cancel your subscription. The tool helps you monitor national, regional and local search engine positions for any keyword.

SERPSTAT: Full of features that would normally require separate subscriptions or licenses. This tool shows the genuine results, blogs, and information searched for. It delivers perfect utility for SEO beginners. Keyword Research and Backlink Analysis is the best part of it. It is so easy to use that it sometimes seems fun to work with. The user experience is very intuitive. This software keeps Rank history, so you can check out your positions and validate your strategy and it’s influence for rankings. It is  a good software for the SEO person or the team to work more precisely and to make the strategies more clearly. Probably has more unique features than any other application in its class. SEO newbies, up to moderate experience, this software has everything you need to massively improve your website. Awesome value for money, and by the time you’ve worked through all the features, you’ll have a great education in the latest SEO.

AHREFS: It is an easy-to-use tool for SEO. The dashboard is an easy way to get an overall picture of your ranking, backlinks, and organic traffic. If you’re looking to drive brand awareness through search, their keyword exploration tools are essential to your SEO strategy. It’s also a pretty straightforward tool to use, so can you jump right in and get a lot of benefits straightaway. Ahrefs is ar go-to tool for making content highly visible, so you can significantly grow your organic traffic and attract the right prospects. The major drawback is that there isn’t always a lot of data on niche keywords, which makes it difficult to optimize for SEO when writing articles for very specific audiences.

SERANKING: SE Ranking is a robust and excellent SEO suite loaded with insight. The dashboards provide exactly what you need to know in a user-friendly interface. Whether you want to take a look at your competition’s keywords, pull in Google Analytics data or refresh your own keywords, it’s well organized and simple to navigate to find what you’re looking for. It is arguably one of the most affordable SEO tools available. The drawback is that there’s limited capacity for the extraction of competitive keywords. The export is a little clunky. It’s hard to evaluate keyword performance month over month without some manual customization. That being said, overall it’s a wonderful tool!

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